Nice to see you aboard, traveller

It’s an honour to welcome you, Captain. We hear you’re thinking about upgrading your ship’s console. You’ve come to the right place. Our crew’s ambition is to see you running your ship with a calm grace and natural expertise as you navigate the unknown.

Your voyage is our mission

We were in your seat, once. 120 client sites managed by just five eager crew members. We did it the same way for years. The crew never complained, but it took up a lot of their time. Then one day, it struck us. Enough!

Our crew deserve to always be shooting for the stars, entwined with the work that fires up their passion. Not monitoring, maintaining and updating.

We created our dashboard and so liberated our crew from the dungeons of dull. Now Captain, it’s time for you to free your crew, too.

Meet the heroes that live aboard this vessel

Pierre-André Vullioud - Co-Captain, Chief Technical Officer

One of two brave captains that departed Earth many years ago. His passion for exploring the unknown is matched only by his ability to sing his way out of almost any interstellar conflict. If you have a vision for your ship, Pierre-André is the man you want aboard to give advice.

David Pizzotti - Co-Captain, Chief of UX and Design

The second fearless leader that left Earth’s atmosphere in search of wonder. The first man to ever photograph the Arcane Grawshak of Proxima Centauri. His eye for the visual baffles extraterrestrial beings from here to the outer disk of the Milky Way. Speak to him when you seek beauty in your design and elegance in your user experience.

Christophe Vuagniaux - Head Mechanic, Developer

A curious soul that saw wonder in the stars, Christophe boarded our ship in 2015 and quickly proved his mettle. He engineered the key systems behind 1Pilot and is fascinated by the art of modelling Aircraft. If you’re looking for a lively discussion about the latest technologies in the universe, find him in the engine room.

Florent Crisinel - Officer, Developer

The crew bribed Florent out of the arcades of TRAPPIST-1b in 2016 with a large bar of chocolate because they needed a keen gamer to man the ship’s cannons. He has a sharp talent for getting new systems online but whatever you do, don’t try to pay him with vegetables.

Crew beliefs

  • The ship flies straightest when every crew member is given an equal voice
  • The stars shine brightest when people are dared to bring their dreams to life
  • The fuel burns cleanest when we hold ourselves to the highest standards
  • The navigation is simplest when you work with your crew and allies to develop expertise

Votes of confidence

Success story: OFFLINE, a swiss web agency

The 1Pilot system was created aboard the ship known as inetis

The creative web agency that works with you to craft unique web experiences and lasting digital ideas. For managing your existing sites, use 1Pilot. For dreaming up new ones, chat to inetis.

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