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Currently supported: Laravel Symfony OctoberCMS PrestaShop

More than an uptime monitoring system

Know what happens under the hood of your sites

  • Uptime & SSL monitoring (of course)
  • Mail delivery monitoring
  • Error logs detection
  • Server changes monitoring
  • Package / Plugins updated, installed, removed
Full features list

Logs management

Browse and search on your site log files from the Dashboard and be notified when the number of logged errors reaches a defined limit.

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Email delivery monitoring

Once configured automatically send tests emails from your sites to our monitoring tool to check SPF, DKIM configuration and spam score. Be notified as soon as there's an issue.

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Monitor packages and plugins

Know exactly when new versions are available and when new plugins or packages have been installed or updated and keep a central history of all events.

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Config files and server monitoring

Receive automatic notifications when config files are edited or when PHP / Database / WEB server are updated.

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Uptime and SSL monitoring

Master uptime with a total watch over your sites - get instant notifications if one goes down. Monitor SSL certificates on your roster and set reminders 10, 7, 4 and 1 days before they’re due to expire.

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A website monitoring tool built for the platforms you love


Simple, powerful monitoring for a simple, powerful CMS

  • Keep track of plugin updates
  • Remotely install plugins
  • Set your own private update streams
1Pilot for OctoberCMS


Perfectly paired with Laravel to make the lives of web artisans even easier

  • Monitor config changes
  • Get reports on package updates
1Pilot for Laravel


One centralised tool to watch over all your applications

  • Monitor config changes
  • Get reports on package updates
1Pilot for Symfony


One system to monitor your stores

  • Monitor config changes
  • Get reports on modules updates
1Pilot for PrestaShop

Pricing that doesn’t cost the Earth

Enjoy the power of 1Pilot for 5 sites or 500 - it’s as simple as paying per site, per month.

1 - 20
21 - 50
51 - 100
101 - 250
251 - 500

No set-up fees and no long-term contracts. Recurring payment with Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Pilot is a website monitoring tool built with those who love to code in mind. We’ve kicked off with Laravel, Symfony, OctoberCMS and PrestaShop and will soon add support for additional CMS and frameworks.
Not right now, but if you would prefer to avoid multiple transactions on your account, you can contact support and we will charge your card with a fixed sum to use as credit.
It’s your ship, we’re just the onboard computer. Hook us up to your external systems via our REST API. See the documentation here
Yes. You can add sites built on CMS/frameworks other than those supported by 1Pilot, but the service will be limited to uptime monitoring and SSL certificate monitoring.