A Central Space Station
to manage all your websites

Dashboard demo video
Currently supported: OctoberCMS and soon: Laravel Symfony
Add your first site now

Service is free during the launching period -> fall 2018 !

Save time and energy

The application keep an eye on your sites
and allow you to send orders remotely.

Keep an eye on your sites

See all your recents notifications, list of sites down sites with certificate issues and numbers of pending updates in a simple dashboard

Updates plugins

Remote updates free & pay plugins/themes available on OctoberCMS market

Remote install

Install plugins & themes from ZIP files or GitHub repos

Uptime Monitoring

Keep an eye on your sites and get instant notification if your sites go down

Certificate Monitoring

Check certificate validity & be advised 10, 7, 4 & 1 days before your certificate expire

Private Update Streams

Connect your GitHub repositories for benefit of the one-click update for your private OctoberCMS plugins.

Once connected 1Pilot listen to new releases on your repository, build the plugin (composer install if needed) and make the update available on your dashboard.


Service is free during the launching period -> fall 2018!

After that the cost will be arround $2 by sites and by month for small agencies until $1 by site month for big accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

We plan to start paid subscription in 2018 Q4. But we will inform customer by email at the latest 1 month before.
Currently only OctoberCMS is supported but we plan to add more CMS and frameworks support later.
Yes, you can add site using not already supported CMS/frameworks, this will only enable uptime and certificate monitoring.