Success story: OFFLINE, a swiss web agency

A start-up loving web agency finds a new way to offer competitive, profitable rates on site maintenance.

OFFLINE GmbH is a Swiss web development agency working with dozens of clients to make their web presence stronger, more visible and easier to manage.

1Pilot success story with Offline web agency in Switzerland

They specialise in offering web design and e-commerce solutions as well as custom web development services.

OFFLINE chose OctoberCMS as its core content management system for the 150 client sites it manages on a day-to-day basis. The team of 3 appreciates that October is built on Laravel and focuses on the needs of a developer.

As a small team, they need to run website management as efficiently as possible, so that they can focus on development work and keep maintenance costs down for their smaller clients. That’s where their trial of 1Pilot came in.

We asked Tobias, director of OFFLINE, about his experience adopting 1Pilot:

Why were you looking for a website management tool?

We wanted to keep an overview of all client projects and keep them up-to-date. We needed a system that would help us continue to offer the best possible service to our clients.

What was the key feature that drew you to 1Pilot that you couldn’t find in the competition?

The October integration! As well as the fair pricing structure, which we can scale up and down as we need.

Has anything changed since you’ve started using 1Pilot?

Yes. We have a better overview of all the projects we run, where they are hosted (based on the ip information) and what versions the site installations are currently running on.

If you were to recommend 1Pilot to someone, what would you say?

Just try it out! It’s very easy to install and integrate. The monitoring on its own is already reason enough to pay a few dollars a month.

What functionality would you like to see added to 1Pilot?

A dead link checker would be great and save the team some extra time. Other than that, we’re very happy with what we’ve seen so far.

OFFLINE benefited from our free trial by adding new installations and projects to the 1Pilot system to test its functionality. Now, they’re free to quickly scale up their use of the platform with confidence.

If you’re like OFFLINE and need to optimise the time your team spends maintaining websites, try our 15 day full-featured trial.

Posted in News on May 28, 2019