October CMS v2 can now be updated from 1Pilot

If you update your 1Pilot client to the latest version (currently 1.2.0), you will now be able to update the core and plugins in 1 click from the 1Pilot Dashboard, just like you could with the v1.

Under the hood

As you probably know, October version 2 uses composer to update the core and plugins. To be able to update plugins from the 1Pilot dashboard without reaching the timeout during the process and breaking your website, we now perform theses updates asynchronously via your website cron.

In practice, when you click on the update button from the 1Pilot dashboard, we contact your website and ask it to schedule the update command. The next time the cron calls schedule:run, your website runs a composer update (after all other scheduled tasks, to avoid delaying them) to update the requested plugins. Once the composer update finishes, the website contacts the 1Pilot server to show on the dashboard that the update has been completed.


For the update to work properly, you must have :

  • 1Pilot plugin ≥ 1.2.0 installed
  • the October scheduler properly configured on 1Pilot. Under the "Details" tab of your website, you should see the "Scheduler: Works properly" row
  • composer v2 ( you can run composer --version to know the composer version) if your server has multiple composer binaries (v1 and v2) you can set the composer binary path in config/system.php
    'composer_binary' => '/your/composer/path'

Posted in OctoberCMS on Oct 19, 2021