• October CMS - The smart choice for your new website in 2019

    Posted in News, OctoberCMS on Dec 07, 2018

    Website owners will hear about October CMS from savvy agencies in 2019 - and here’s why. Building a modern, high-performance website in 2019?

    You may find your agency touting this small player in the CMS market as the next big thing. October’s popularity rose by 30% in 2018, and it’s set to go after an even bigger share of the market this coming year.

  • October CMS welcomes 1Pilot

    Posted in News, OctoberCMS on Nov 13, 2018

    The popular content management system, October CMS, welcomes 1Pilot with open arms as a useful addition to the suite of plugins available to its users. They recognise its potential to enable digital agencies and web developers to spend less time on intensive website maintenance and devote more time to creativity.