Monitor Packages/Plugins installed

Keep control of your websites by having the ability to see the list of composer packages or plugins installed on each site without having to connect to each backend or run composer show for all your applications.

Extensions lists

Have a complete list of plugin, packages installed on all your sites.

You can use the search present on the Extensions list to easily and speedily find on which site a specific version of a package is installed.

This can help you in case of a known issue with one version or if an awesome new feature was added in the latest version.

Extensions installed across all your sites


On each site keep a trace of which updates have been performed in the “Events” tab of your website. This allows you to know when a package has been installed, updated or removed.

This should help you identify the cause of a problem introduced after the update of a package/plugin.

A site's events

Be advised of new releases

New available plugin or package releases are reported on the Dashboard and you can choose if you want to be notified of new release, on which channel (email, Slack, Discord) and at what frequency.