Monitor changes

Detect changes related to your site or your server.

Server changes

Every time 1Pilot servers will contact your site to fetch information they will check PHP, Database, and Web server version. Each change detected will be logged and, depending of your notification configuration, you will be notified of the changes.

If you are not in charge of the management of the server, this will keep you aware of deployed patches and will let you detect unsolicited major PHP version changes for example.

Site changes

In addition to the server changes, there are few critical things that we monitor on your site to help you detect and prevent issues.

Configuration files

For history purpose or to be sure there is no unintended configs changes, 1Pilot will log and notify you when detecting config or .env file changes.

The contents of the config file are never sent to 1Pilot servers, the 1Pilot client (running on your site) checks and sends only the files hash and timestamps to 1Pilot servers.