1Pilot is an advanced monitoring and management SaaS solution for all your sites. It’s designed as a central dashboard to drastically reduce the time you spend managing your entire website roster.


To report a site's information on the 1Pilot dashboard, you need to install the 1Pilot Client on your site (composer package or CMS plugin). This extension will take care of the communication with 1Pilot servers.

All instruction are available during the process of adding new site to your 1Pilot account or in the setup section of this documentation.

Once the Client is installed, and the site is properly set up on your account, your site's details will be checked every hour:

  • installed extensions,
  • server versions,
  • some configuration information (debug, mode, environment, …),
  • number of error logs during last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days
  • and other useful information

All this information is available on your dashboard and presented to help you identify misconfiguration, issues, or anything that goes wrong. Changes are logged (to keep a history of your site) and (based on your configuration) important advice is sent to you via email, Slack or Discord.


Discover our dashboard and some of the available features during this 70' video tour

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